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The Grants Programme targets micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), business organisations and industrial clusters, retailers, chambers of commerce, national clean production centres, and universities, and NGOs and consumer organisations willing to test and adopt cleaner and more sustainable production processes, improve the sustainability of their products and change their consumption behaviours. Under this scheme, partnerships are established involving both organisations from the EU and from the region. The ultimate goal of this component is to facilitate the large replication of sustainable production and consumption practices in MSMEs in the region through investments.

By supporting the sharing of knowledge and developing local capacity for responsible business practices, SWITCH-Asia is a means for local companies to more easily access the supply chains of multinational companies which seek to establish green and fair conducts within their value-chains. The replication and scaling-up effect of project results together with access to finance and public-private investments for green products, services and technologies will be key elements within the programme in the next years in order to have a greater impact in the region. The evidence provided by projects is meant to feed into policy and regulatory discussions with national governments in their transition towards a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy through the improvement of national strategies and action plans with regard to sustainable production and consumption practices.

Priority areas of work of SWITCH-Asia grants

143 projects funded in the region over a period of 15 years of which 16 new ones active as of 2022 and implemented by Asian and European organisations. In line with the new ambitions of the EU in terms of green transition, the Grant Scheme of the programme will focus in particular (but not exclusively) on the external dimension of the EU Green Deal and of its focus areas, such as sustainable food-systems and circular economy.

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Detailed information about the grant projects carried out from 2008 onwards can be found in the Grants Book published in 2023.



















How to apply 

Calls for proposals are regularly launched by the European Commission Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA). 

The last call for proposals was launched on 3rd November 2020. 

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