Policy Support Component

Our Work

Our Work

Through the EU Green Deal and Global Gateway, the EU is committed to support the transition of the region to low-carbon and circular economies, and to support the resilience and integration of the supply-chains between the EU and the region. 

The Policy Support Component (PSC) aims at building capacities of regional organisations and partner countries in the region supporting their transition to low-carbon, resource-efficient and more circular economic models by integrating required policy frameworks and developing incentives for the green transition of the private sector and for consumers and citizens to adopt more responsible consumption behaviour. It also supports countries in complying with regional and international agreements related to environment and climate change, as well as enhance regional policy dialogues on SCP, engaging with all relevant stakeholders and sharing experiences with the EU and its Member States in this specific area.

The activities are implemented through a consortium composed by GOPA and Niras and will include among others:




  • Organisation of multi-stakeholder consultations to ensure the participation of relevant stakeholders in the region in the definition of SCP-related priorities and sectors to be included in regional and national action plans on SCP (NAP-SCP) and circular economy action plans (CEAP);

  • Providing direct technical assistance and capacity building to regional organisations and governments to develop and/or adapt their socio-environmental policy and legislative frameworks, NAP-SCP and CEAP, also capitalising on the successful results of the grants projects to advice policy makers on the best policy and financial interventions;

  • Providing technical assistance to regional organisations and governments to monitor and report on targets related to SDG 12 (and other SCP-related targets);

  • Providing technical assistance to governments in the region to include SCP-related targets in their NDCs and in policy planning, aligning them with climate commitments under the Paris Agreement, and developing tools for the mapping of interconnections between SDG 12 targets and climate commitments;

  • Acting as a platform for continental and intra-regional policy dialogues and exchanges of best practices among regional organisations, governments and stakeholders from the EU and across the region, as well as line DGs of the European Commission and EU decentralised agencies, and assisting them in harvesting the benefits of SCP.