What We Do

What We Do

From Grants to Policy Dialogue: Two-levels Approach Interconnected

Grant Scheme

Through its grants scheme the programme funds pilot projects helping consumers to act more responsibly in their daily choices and lifestyles as well as helping companies to adopt cleaner technologies and more sustainable industrial practices. The ultimate goal of this component is to facilitate the large replication of sustainable production and consumption practices in MSMEs in the region through investments

This latter will ultimately support local companies to more easily access the supply chains of multinational companies seeking to establish green and fair conducts within their value-chains. 


Policy Dialogue

The evidence provided by projects is meant to feed into policy and regulatory discussions with national governments.

The programme provides technical assistance to governments, supporting them in improving their national strategies and action plans with regard to sustainable production and consumption practices.

It also carries out advocacy activities at regional level.


15 Countries

38 Projects

Implemented by
Asian and European Organisations



Target Groups

Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs), business organisations and industrial clusters, retailers, chambers of commerce, national clean production centres, research centres and universities.

NGOs, consumers organisations, research centres, universities.